"Dating apps to watch this year." (Featuring my startup Rebound) Forbes
"Better than Tinder? Rebound makes it to top 5" Make Use Of
"Rebound featured on Product Hunt" Product Hunt
"Founder of Wizters launches a dating startup in Japan" The Bridge
"We had a chat with Apoorv Saini on his Anonymous Startup" Product Nation
"StartupFreak's interview with Apoorv Saini, CEO of Wizters" Startup Freak
"We interviewed Apoorv Saini of Wizters" The Tech Panda
"Is Apoorv's Wizters the Next Big Thing?" Next Big What?
"Rebound reaches the Best 64 Student Startup in the US" Student Startup Madness



An idea that rose from the failure of my second startup, Smoothie. Rebound is an Offline dating app for both iOS and Android. I designed and developed both the apps as well as the scalable backend.
Check it out here. Download for iOS and Android

# Featured on Forbes, MUO and Product Hunt as best new-comer dating app
# Became #3 app in the New Dating apps in the US on Google Play Store
# Java, Obj-C, NodeJS, Newton (my own real-time SDK)
# Rebound was among top 64 Student Startups in the US at SSM '18 SXSW

Sideline '18

A multiplayer real-time Football Manager game for MacOS. Get the open source code at Github OR download it from here. Check out my Medium post describing why and how I built it?

# Serverless
# Built using Electron


As a by-product of Smoothie, Newton is a Real-time SDK and framework for iOS, Android and Web(JS). Newton allows developers to integrate real-time chat in their apps.
# Java, Obj-C, JS, NodeJS

PRISM @ Inshorts

While at Inshorts, as the Project Lead, I led the development of their data intelligence platform, PRISM. Developed multi-stream data processing systems, which could perform analysis on more than 1 Billion data points each day, helping understand the user behavior and cater the personalized content.
# ReactJS, Druid, ElasticSearch, Java, NodeJS, Spark, Hadoop


A fun game that allows you to pick one of the two friends according to the questions diplayed. You can anonymously add your friend as secret crush. Unfortunately, the app was never released for iOS but you can get it for Android.

# React Native, Java, NodeJS, Realm

And many more...